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THE BAND    Booking  Email:    |    Phone: 262-719-4160

    The Genesee Ridge Bluegrass band finds their home in the Lake Country area of Waukesha County stretching a bit into Milwaukee County. Every one of its members is dedicated to moving bluegrass and old time music forward and keeping strong the acoustic instrumentation of the genre. 

    All four of these musicians had been playing for many years in other bands but when they joined together back in 2012 they found heartfelt and genuine vocals were well balanced and provided a sweet traditional blend. Their style focuses on a mix of contemporary and traditional bluegrass covers with a few unparalleled originals. Enjoy the hard-driving instrumentals and tight four-part harmonies of Genesee Ridge.

    The Genesee Ridge Bluegrass Band is available for all types of occasions: concerts, fundraiser, parties, festivals, special events, etc.




Steve is a phenomenal bassist as well as a chef by day. Steve is a quiet guy but really knows how to make the bass sing.


Fiddle - lead vocals


Tim is one of the finest fiddlers in Wisconsin and Genesee Ridge is proud to have him. His tenor vocals have rounded us out. He has been a great addition and we look forward to many years fiddling around.


mandolin - lead vocals


When Rich Schwartz hit the 40-year mark, his mid-life crisis kicked in and he built his first mandolin. This started him down the path of Bluegrass, folk, old-time, and Celtic music. Rich adds a rich (pun intended) bass vocal and full roundness to our sound. 


guitar - lead vocals


Ruth had been making music since she was 7 years old beginning with the piano, and then later in 8th grade when she purchased her first guitar. She has always had a fondness for Bluegrass music. She lends a full vocal sound depending on the need.

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