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Venues Played

Bluegrass Festivals in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
     Annual Troy Park Bluegrass Festival- IA
     SEMBA Bluegrass Festival - MN
     Harvest Jam Festival - MN
     East Troy Bluegrass Festival WI
     Sugar Maple Festival - WI
     Lapham Peak Summer Stage Concert Series - WI
     Backwoods Bluegrass Bash - WI
     Bluegrass Under the Pines - WI
     Annual Brat Festival - WI
     Heritage Brat & Beer Festival - WI
     The Big Thaw Bluegrass Festival - WI
     White Lake Brewgrass Festival  - WI
     Bluegrass Sampler - WI 
Music Venues
     Leo's & Leona's
     Cup 'O Joy
     Jerry's Old Town  Beer Hall


Anniversary Parties


Private Gatherings and Parties

Restaurants and Bars

Business Promotional Events

Holiday Concerts 
Farmer's Market
Worship Services 
Church Festivals
Concert Halls
Art Fairs
Holiday Train Stop Fundraiser
Relay For Life Fundraiser
Elementary School - Fine Arts Days   


Knights of Columbus Events

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